Pathways to the Soul: 101 Ways to Open Your Heart: by Carlos Warter
Category: Spirituality
Publisher: Hay House, Inc.
$13.95, 256 Pages
ISBN: 1561706655
Autograph copy

For those who have a gnawing sense that they should be engaged in a spiritual discovery practice, but are overwhelmed by the dizzying array of books, teachers, techniques and methods available, Warter offers a good place to start. The author of “Recovery of the Sacred” (1995), Warter performs a useful service for the beginning spiritual seeker by providing a simple and concise overview of the “many, many techniques of the sacred.” Included are brief descriptions of many of the popular practices such as yoga, meditation, prayer, tai chi and journal writing.

Yet this book, Warter's fourth in English, cannot be characterized as an anthology. Warter, a trained physician known internationally for his work in transpersonal psychotherapy, invites the reader to explore the question “Who Am I?” by seeking the “light within” through various mental exercises, which make up the majority of his 101 ways to the soul. For example, in one exercise, called “The Gift,” Warter suggests visualizing opening a beautifully wrapped gift that contains a golden orb of light. The light has “everything you need to live on planet Earth, including wisdom, goodness and the skill to handle whatever happens to you. You are self-contained in this luminous vehicle.” Warter directs the reader to let the golden light dissolve into the top of his head and carry it with him throughout the day to remember his inner wealth.

Certainly a reader can find a lifetime of spiritual challenges in this book, particularly if the reader elects to take an “expressway to the light” by practicing one or all of the virtues: honesty and courage, discipline, kindness, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, patience, generosity and simplicity. (These comprise nine of the 101 ways, and if practiced according to Warter's guidelines, could trip up all but the saints.) It's likely, however, that many readers will find a practice or two that intrigues them enough to delve beyond Warter's brief introduction.

While this is a very useful book for the novice seeker, the experienced practitioner could also benefit from Warter's gentle, yet deep, probing of the psyche, either by enhancing a current program or finding a new dimension to explore. Warter is a helpful guide along the path. (March)
Review by: Sharon Flesher

--Carlos Warter M.D. Ph.D.



Who Do You Think You Are? The Healing Power of Your Sacred Self:

$24.95 Autograph copy

"Dr. Warter has put the knowledge and wisdom of centuries in an entertaining and informative text. Read this Book."

--"deepak chopra md author the seven spiritual laws of success."

With the holistic wisdom of Deepak Chopra and the healing honesty of John Bradshaw, renowned physician and psycho therapist Carlos Warter takes readers on a powerful journey of self-discovery.

In today's world, our identities change constantly, as we adapt our roles for work, home, and community. But what happens to our inner selves when we focus on our outer identities? Dr. Carlos Warter believes that finding our core identity is the ultimate key to healthy living-for body, mind, and spirit. With meditations, visualizations, and healing stories taken from his travels around the world, Dr. Warter leads us toward the divine self," on an immensely uplifting journey that will forever change the way we look at life-and ourselves. "Dr. Warter has led an incredible life, not only traveling nearly everywhere on our globe and meeting interesting and influential people, but, at the same time, experiencing the mystical and the sacred wherever he happens to go."--"FRED ALAN WOLF, author of Taking the Quantum Leap"

CARLOS WARTER, M.D., Ph.D., is a Harvard-trained medical doctor, transpersonal psychotherapist, and the acclaimed author of Recovery of the Sacred. Born in Chile, he has been named United Nations Peace Messenger and given the Pax Mundi award for his humanitarian efforts. He lives in Gulfstream, Florida.

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Do a meditation from Who Do You Think You Are?: The Healing Power of Your Sacred Self.--Carlos Warter M.D. Ph.D.



Recovery of the Sacred

Lessons in Soul Awareness
$12.00 Autograph copy
by Carlos Warter M.D., Ph.D

Every human being is born with a conscious connection to the sacred. Yet, over time, life in a fast-paced, industrialized society can disconnect us from our spiritual essence leaving us bereft, thirsting for wholeness, love meaning and purpose. This fascinating book chronicles the journey of physician Carlos Warter, whose spiritual initiation into the traditions of Shamanism and Sufism leads him away from the straight, narrow, uncompassionate path of high-tech medicine toward the real soul of healing. Dr. Warter's spellbinding story is woven with remarkable coincidences and near-magical experiences which bring forth important lessons on the soul of healing, the impermanent essence of the human condition and how to awaken our true selves. The trail leads you across three continents-from Peru's mystical Macchu Picchu to the deserts of Morocco and Arizona.

One can find his or her own path to the sacred life through Dr. Warter's experiences. Exercises in each chapter lift the reader to a new dimension in soul recovery. Recovery of the Sacred picks up where the Celestine Prophecy left off.

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Read Chapter 5 of Recovery of the Sacred. (This chapter contains some of the fundamentals of the PIP (Personal Integration Process).
--Carlos Warter M.D. Ph.D.


The Soul Remembers: A Parable of Spiritual Transformation

$12.00 Autograph copy

What is the purpose of human life?
Who am I?
What is the reality of this world I find myself in?
Why do I find myself in the midst of certain troublesome circumstances?
Who among us has not pondered some of these questions at times?

On the outermost level this book is a teaching metaphor similar to those used in all sacred traditions. But behind the parable is a cosmic perspective on essence, individuality and relationships; a view of human purpose, soul design and divine direction that leads to a new look at the origin of suffering, healing and the evolutionary dimensional shift. Through the voices of archetypes of consciousness the book subliminally explores paths to power, love, beauty, strength and mysticism.

It moves through different dimensions of reality while simultaneously focusing on the mental, emotional and physical aspects of life as instruments of expression that can be tuned to a higher purpose.

The SOUL Remembers is the expression of a spiritual journey that has assisted thousands in their own process of self-remembrance, encouraging them to live more deeply and become personally responsible for co-creating heaven on Earth.
--Carlos Warter M.D. Ph.D.


Sacred Journey to Tibet with Doctor Carlos Warter

each tape $12.00 Autograph copy

In August 1998, Carlos Warter MD led a group to Tibet and Dharamsala on a spiritual and material fact finding mission regarding the situation of the Tibetan People at the end of the Millennium. Dr. Warter, author of the new book, Who Do You Think You Are? The Healing Power of Your Sacred Self.

Bonus Tape Offer In Addition to Tapes Offered Price: $39.95
This series with 3 tapes include the following:

Tape one:

Meeting with and Carolina Warter meet with the Personal Secretary of His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, Dr. Carlos Warter MD. In this meeting, the discussion centers around the current state of Buddhism, the Tibetan people and the upcoming Private audience that the group will have with His Holiness.

Tape Two:

Private audience with His Holiness. Discussion includes, His Holiness explaining his preferences for the future, his role as Dalai Lama and he accepts the Annual Award from the World Health Foundation for Development and Peace.

Tape Three:

Shortly after returning from Asia, Dr. Warter leads a discussion that explains what was found on the trip to Tibet and India.

Bonus Tape:

Source of Healing Meditation Tape.
--Carlos Warter M.D. Ph.D.


Higher Dimensions of Healing by Carlos Warter M.D., Ph.D.

$10.95...90min audio Autograph copy

The Sufi mystics hold prayer to be the single "great ship" that offers us passage beyond the limits of body and mind, and into what they call "our deepest sacred bliss." On *Higher Dimensions of Healing* physician Carlos Warter shares his search throughout the world for the master plan of this great *baraka*, or ship. Drawing on wisdom traditions from the Christian "prayer of grace" to the spirit journeys of the Peruvian shamans, Dr Warter teaches how anyone can embark upon this journey into spiritual healing and sacred union. With insights and guided prayers from Judaism, Buddhism, Sufism, and more.
--Carlos Warter M.D. Ph.D.


Visions of Essence by Dr. Carlos Warter

39.95...4 audio tape set Autograph copy

Sacred Pathways to Your Essential Identity:
By shifting awareness to the spiritual identity at our core, we can learn to manage our physical, mental and emotional states. As we discover the eternal aspects of our essence, values which are universal in nature come into our awareness, and our work in life comes into clear focus. This perspective implies understanding and serving our soul's mission and purpose with lightness, joy and plenitude.

In this exciting program Carlos Warter MD, PhD, explores the doorways to our essential self-the heart. There, we can look for living models and true direction to ultimately recover the sacred dimension to healing ourselves. And, once discovered, we can apply this sacred dimension to healing ourselves and the world in which we live. In a special four tape selection from recent lectures and engagements, Heartnet is proud to present these exclusive recordings:
Soul Awareness------Tape One
Recovery of the Sacred-----Tape Two
Essential Identity-----Tape Three
Source of Healing Meditation-----Tape Four
--Carlos Warter M.D. Ph.D.







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